Additions & Remodeling

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Create More Valuable Living Space

What should you do if you like your home, location, and neighbors but need more space? Putting on an addition is a viable option that many people can consider. The biggest questions to answer is if there is enough lot space and can the addition tie into the rest of the home in a way that makes sense. The addition can have a full basement or can be above ground using a post and beam type of construction method. There are many options available that can fit your space and budget needs. Contact us to find out if building an addition is right for you.


Beautiful Transformations

New kitchens, bathrooms or finishing a basement is always something we enjoy helping our customers with. We have helped our customers from the simple replacement of cabinets to the complete redesign of a space. We help customers with interior remodeling projects December through March when we are not working on all of our outside projects. The “replace what’s there” type of remodel will always be the most cost effective option. However, sometimes a space needs to be redesigned to make it function better for the way people live in their homes today. We can guide you through the timeframes, costs and pitfalls to avoid of either option.